We are an auditing firm, made up of experts in the financial, accounting, tax and labor fields. We have more than 15 years of experience in the Ecuadorian market, with a flexible work team, with extensive experience and a results-oriented approach.

We constantly seek to be allies of our clients in decision making, we become strategic partners because we create long-term relationships.


We believe that the audit goes beyond reflecting the confidence shown in the financial statements. Our firm is focused on obtaining key information, encouraging a culture devoid of regulatory compliance and, above all, strengthening accounting and financial processes, which are what allow us to act ethically and achieve the individual objectives of each organization.


We use simple and dynamic procedures that adapt to the economic sector with which we work, our human team is our key resource, through them we carry out audit processes that are based on providing support to the client, acting from the analysis of all activities that add value to the financial objectives of each of our clients.


We are convinced as a team that each report delivered must be backed by meticulous work, with results and, above all, with an after-sales service that ensures that the course of the audit makes sense and is an opportunity for improvement for each organization.

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External Audit

Actuamos desde el entendimiento de cada negocio, somos una guía antes de empezar cualquier proceso, nos enfocamos lo que verdaderamente importa. Contamos con un equipo flexible y con distintas destrezas, enfocados en resultados que sean entendibles, y que no solo busquen cumplir con una obligación de entrega de un reporte.

We act from the understanding of each business, we are a guide before starting any process, we focus on what really matters. We have a flexible team with different skills, focused on results that are understandable, and that not only seek to comply with an obligation to deliver a report.

Internal Audit

We provide constant support, we care that each of our clients receives timely feedback, we deliver reports that not only show the reality of the financial structure, but also allow preventive and corrective actions to reduce risks and increase the performance of strategies.

Forensic Audit

We make sure to analyze the key points within all financial information, our processes involve different types of resources, techniques, skills and experience. We seek to mitigate the vulnerability in which our clients are exposed, and at the same time raise awareness of good practices within the financial accounting area.

Management Audit

We get involved from the value chain of the management to the verification of the fulfillment of each action that is important within the companies. We know that the organization is going to be what allows us to be efficient and achieve short and long-term goals, so we are careful and focus on having a macro vision of all the key points when it comes to achieving goals.

Tax Audit

We specialize in providing support to our clients, always adhering to current legal and administrative regulations. We are clear that within this service our control processes are critical, since they use strict verification techniques and procedures focused on the periods to be audited.

Labor Audit

Our processes focus on an exhaustive analysis of the company in order to identify any contingency with one of the key resources that any company has. Compliance with labor and social security regulations is analyzed and evaluated with the aim of facilitating decision-making, avoiding labor conflicts and preventing sanctions.

Agreements Audit

As an auditing firm we provide all the guarantees and attention to the economic and efficiency purposes and the purposes for which the financing is created, we give vital importance to financial management and its purpose.


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